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Download Quick Cut Saw Flyer

Quick Cut Saw – Ideal for High-Purity Applications.
Great for Stainless and Carbon Steel Tubing and Pipe

(Size Range 3/4” to 4” Tube) 

Ideal for high-purity applications

quick saw guide
quick saw guide

QUICK CUT SAW                 P/N: QC-400


.25” -.5” Tube        150          P/N: QC-150
  .5” - 1” Tube        100          P/N: QC-100
   1” - 3” Tube          70          P/N: QC-70
   2” - 4” Pipe           44          P/N: QC-44 (120 Wall Max)
   2” - 4” Pipe           32          P/N: QC-32 (Heavy Wall)

Note: Part number QC-44 is the same blade as

part number QC-40.  Blades can be requested with Laser coating (add 15%) 

quick saw guide swivel connector

Our “Quick Cut Saw” is designed for fabrication facilities and for projects that require beveling or squaring for pre-prep
welding of pipes and tubes. Designed to perform true and burr free cuts with our special vice design that creates a self-centering hold for the finest cuts.


• Will cut tubing from .75” to 4.5”

• Will cut piping from .5” to 4”
• Square cut to .005”

• Speed Control Motor
• Steady rest for accurate cutting

• Swivel Cord Connector
• Enclosed gear box

• Safety Guard over Saw Blade
• Simple to adjust sizes and depth

• Lock Down Plate
• Performs bevels and squaring

• Ideal for high-purity applications
• Can also cut plastic, aluminum and a variety of other alloys
• Electric motor: variable speed control 110v or 220v

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