Download Sanitary Track Clamp Flyer!

Sanitary Tack Clamps with New Design Features

(Size Range 1” to 6” Tube)

By using our dual designed clamping system, you will find a much easier and faster

set-up for tacking your tube. Larger tubing is not always perfectly round; our dual tacking

clamp will help better align and stabilize tubing for a better tack and weld.






Kits Available! (Includes Carrying Case)
Sizes 1” - 4” Tube Kit 

Sizes 2” - 6” Tube Kit 


New Features:

• Manufactured out of Stainless Steel to eliminate contamination while clamping down on tubing

• Dual side clamps for easier aligning of tubing in tack fixture

• Strong thumbscrew clamping design with allen wrench torqueing ensures precision tube alignment

• Aligning mark to help center tubing in middle of clamping head

• Precision V angle to ensure simple aligning of the TIG Torch Cup

• Spacing to do 4 tacks without having to move tubing

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Pictured: Tack Clamp open with allen wrench for precision alignment.