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For Tube and Pipe Orbital Welding Applications

Our Orbital Welding Collets for Orbitalum Fusion heads are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  All our collets are manufactured from 17-4 Stainless Steel to give you better wear over Aluminum type collets made by the Orbitalum.   We also manufacture these collets with our patent design spring clamping systems.   This spring design has more flexibility to hold tubing with new heads and worn heads due to the spring action.  


Note:  all aftermarket collets are manufacture by Elite Industrial Sales and are not genuine Orbitalum products. 

Each is a trademark of its own.

OW 38S Orbital Fusion Weld Head

Tube Sizes:

.125”  Tubing               OT826-002-125                      

.250”  Tubing               OT826-002-250                      

.375”  Tubing               OT826-002-375                      

.500”  Tubing               OT826-002-500                    

.625”  Tubing              OT826-002-625                      

.750” Tubing               OT826-002-750                      

1.00” Tubing               OT826-002-1.00

1.25” Tubing               OT826-002-1.25

1.50” Tubing               OT826-002-1.50

.500” Pipe                   OT826-002-500P

.750” Pipe                   OT826-002-750P

1.00” Pipe                   OT826-002-1.00P

OW 76S Orbital Fusion Weld Head

Tube Sizes:

.500”    Tubing        OT827-002-500

.625”    Tubing        OT827-002-625

.750”    Tubing        OT827-002-750

1.00”    Tubing        OT827-002-1.00

1.50”    Tubing        OT827-002-1.50

2.00”    Tubing        OT827-002-2.00

3.00”    Tubing        OT827-002-3.00

.500”    Pipe            OT827-002-500P

.750”    Pipe            OT827-002-750P

1.00”    Pipe            OT827-002-1.00P

1.50”    Pipe            OT827-002-1.50P

2.00”    Pipe            OT827-002-2.00P

2.50”    Pipe            OT827-002-2.50P

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