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Tool Bits for Facing Machines TSM-1100:

  • Standard Facing Bits:  Part # TB-1515-LC 
                                            Part # TB-1518-LC Extended


Tool Bits for Electropolished Tubing:

  • Standard Facing Bits:  Part # TB-1506-LC  

  • Extended Reach Bits:  Part #  TB-0202-LC 

  • Heavy Duty Bits:          Part #  TB-1050 / TB-1046 


Tool Bits for Non Electropolished Tubing:

  •  Facing Bits:                  Part # TB-4000 .625” Tall   TB-0169 .75” Tall


Facing Bits for the Otto Arc TSM-1000:

  • Low Range:                  ¼” to ½”          TB-1010

  • Medium Range:          3/8” to ¾”        TB-1013

  • High Range:                 ½” to 1”           TB-1011          


Equivalent for Tri Tool Facing Bits:

  • Durabit®1 equivalent is TB-1506-LC

    • Durabit®3 equivalent is TB-0202-LC

Equivalent for Tri Tool Severmaster Bits:

  • 572 Machine   Tool Bit TB-2959

  • 574 Machine   Tool Bit TB-3143

  • 576 Machine   Tool Bit TB-5472

Facing Bits for GF/Orbitalum Facing Machines:

  • Double Sided: TB-1510-LC

Facing Bits for Swagelock:

  • TB-SL-01


We manufacture Beveling – Facing – Counterbore bits for most manufactured machines.

Please call for more information and pricing.

Note:  All Aftermarket tool bits are manufactured by Elite Industrial Sales and are not genuine Tri Tool or Orbitalum Products.


We offer Facing/Squaring Tool Bits for the following:

Elite Industrial Sales, Tri Tool, GF/Orbitalum and EH. Wachs

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