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Training at Customer’s Location:  Normal work day is 8 hours per day Monday thru Friday.  If overtime is required, it is billed at our overtime rate. Customer is responsible for all field technician costs.

   Rates for field technician will be billed at the following rate:
   a) Weekday Rate: per hour - Min- 4 hours
   b) Weekend Rate: per hour - Min- 8 hours
   c) Overtime Rate (after 8hrs.): 1.5 times regular rate
   d) Weekend Stay: flat rate per day
   e) US Holiday: flat rate per day
   f)  Travel Day: per hour
   g) Travel Charges: Air fare, ground transportation and hotel cost shall be billed at   actual cost. Meals shall be billed out at cost determined          per day. If technician is required to drive to the customer’s location, facility or job site mileage will be billed per mile, plus cost for tolls
   h) Training Delays: If field tech is at job site and unable to work due to weather, power loss, missing equipment, etc. per day charge will                apply

Customer’s Responsibilities:
• It is the customer’s responsibility to have all required equipment set up and ready for technician
• Customer is responsible for assuring the availability of power and that it is working properly, gases at point of utilization, coolant for       welders and any other necessary items required to get equipment running
• Elite Industrial Sales will be able to provide assistance in some of these areas, but does not take any responsibility for them
• At no time is Elite Industrial Sales personally responsible for any equipment, or damage done by other persons during training or while at the customer’s job site or location

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